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Welcome to the Bermuda Podiatry Centre.

Bermuda Podiatry Centre specializes in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of conditions affecting the feet and lower limbs to offer a comprehensive foot care service treating all ages. A podiatrist is a specialist who provides medical diagnosis and comprehensive management of foot and lower limb pathologies. The Bermuda Podiatry Centre is a long established, busy podiatric practice providing a comprehensive range of services for the promotion and maintenance of foot health.

Podiatrists are in demand more than ever today because of the increase in diabetes and in particular, diabetic foot related health problems. Moreover, foot disorders generally form the most widespread yet neglected health problems affecting individuals of all ages and we are pleased to be able to offer solutions to many conditions.

In addition to routine foot care, our highly trained podiatrists are available to undertake, evaluate and interpret a wide range of lower limb assessments, which include:

  • Podiatric sports medicine
  • Dynamic video gait analysis
  • Orthotic prescription and manufacture
  • Diabetic foot health assessment
  • Lower limb vascular assessment

Referrals are often received from our colleagues in the medical and health professions with whom we enjoy good working relationships. However, referrals are not necessary and you are welcome to contact us directly to make an appointment.

Your health insurance provider covers podiatry and there is normally a small co-pay for your visit. Please bring your insurance card to your visit.


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